Winters and cold blues are bidding goodbye and we’re so not sad because with this dry skin problems also pass by. Soon, the shades, shorts, and the bright sun will be in full swing because SUMMERS! Surely, they’re exciting but what about the face full of oil, that probably is enough to fry whatever edibles you want to fry on it. Duh, we’re surely not rooting for it! 

But, hello, excuse me? What about Type beauty’s range of products, they’re an absolute rescue for seasons and skin conditions like these, and are fierce and fabulous, unlike your ex’s! 

Probably, the best foundation for summer in India is the Matte Up Foundation, which is an extremely skin flattering formula, and for all the good reasons, is an absolute fit for oily skin and also who have combination skin, as the skin during summer tends to produce more sebum! And, also is multipurpose as it has SPF 50 with PA+++, you might haven’t had these many plus signs on your report card also, but Type’s products have it for you!

Not just that, if you wish to put on a more mattifying layer, hit our Matte Up Primer, and it’ll seal the deal for your pores! It’s an oil-free formula and is fit for those drenched with sweat on summer days!

As we’re flag-bearers of Less Is More, if you don’t really wish to wear a face of foundation, you can just glide a wand of our most magical formulas, the OG Type Concealers, they’re probably the best concealers for oily skin, yes, we’re talking about “The Zit Quit Concealer”. As it’s infused with 2% Salicylic acid, it’ll make sure it doesn’t invite pimple problems on your skin and doesn’t get in a situationship with your skin unlike your ex again!

Be best friends with remedial makeup and we promise that makeup won’t let you down!