There’s no doubt that the wave of beauty is hitting all the girls,  men, and makeup enthusiasts who are going gaga over the new range of high-performing makeup influxing into the market and of course are selling more. However, times have changed now, and gone are those days when one would carry a gigantic aesthetic box with 30 products for their face. The average consumer is becoming smart and wants products that serve multiple purposes and that are where the new products came into the scene. With the recent launches brands have been flooding the market with products going viral. Tints are being released which can be applied on cheeks as well as lips. Multi-purpose products save so much time and occupy less space especially when the internet state carrying bags smaller than your cardholder is trendy! 

Skincare-infused makeup is also a big rage in the market and of course, type is in beat with it.  Foundations and concealers have been coming up with actives that work to heal your skin whilst making your skin look it's absolute best on the surface. Type’s foundations and concealers are hailed by the media and are real heroes our customers have also been witnessing visible results in their skin. While everything is cool, but being aware of your skin and its needs is cooler too, thus type’s extra mile in formulating the products that suit your skin type the best has been proving to be an all-rager!

All of our products are multipurpose based and service conveniently and smartly to all of our customers. Not just foundations and concealers though, our recent launches like our shadow sticks are also ruling the internet which can also give beautiful sheer coverage to our cheeks. Our primers also have dual benefits which improve certain specific skin conditions while preparing it for the smoothest application of makeup. With one of our recent launches, A magic makeup wand, that works double-way is the best of both worlds aka makeup & skincare! Our smudge sticks are extremely multifunctional & work best as an eyeshadow, blush, contour, to highlight lips, and in whichever way you’d like to play around with it!

Get your hands on the most high-performing makeup line and experience beauty in its true form.