A decade ago, the concept of social media was foreign and elite and the waves have turned their course and social media is a universe in itself. By and large startups have made their homes there, and quality content is what we consume for a living.

Startups initially do not step into offline market spaces as it makes a huge hole in pockets and moreover there’s always a factor of uncertainty involved in the process and they don’t want to risk it. Therein online media steps in and its benefits are immense. It gives you a platform to perform and exhibit your product line extensively. 

 Here are some tips for startups to leverage social media spaces mindfully and kickstart their drive!

  1. Have a theme and intriguing color palette to catch attention, because definitely nobody wants to explore a boring page, and if the colors won’t grab their attention it won’t make them stay longer than seconds. Not just colors but the way the content is depicted is another aspect to be taken care of, the typography and the format of the content matters a lot! 
  1. Matching pace with the algorithms, we live in a world which is ruled by technology and rapid changes therein are making our lives undergo a whirlwind. Making necessary changes is likewise important, changing content formats, producing content that is catching the wind of social platforms, leveraging moment marketing topics and generating content around it and using trending audios is another aspect of it.
  1. User Generated content is a secret weapon, and while we say this we mean it for real. There’s always so much happening over social media platforms that one hardly gets time to breathe, the need to always generate content, stay in beat with trends and so forth. That’s when User Generated Content steps in, leveraging your  influencer generated content and reviews from your customer base actually helps to escalate your social media handles, gives a different perspective to your page and adds an element of authenticity as well which in turn raises the credibility of the brand.

These are some of the ways by which, a startup can leverage social media platforms to raise their respective brand awareness and spread a word about it without making a hole in their pockets.