The beauty world is always abuzz with the newest trends and the coolest ideas. What we put on the largest organ in our body matters to us! Lately all we hear about is “Natural Beauty”, but what exactly does that mean! Brands are now marketing makeup and skincare that contain herbs that help improve your skin! 

The buzz word, “Beauty” is a spiral that has been spinning us around for centuries, and we are always on a hunt to find out what’s hot. Apparently “natural beauty” is the talk of the town. That same topic has turned into the social media debate of the century. 

However, do you think chemicals are as natural beauty supporters make them sound? Okay, we do agree parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrances, etc can be harmful for to the skin, but are salicylic acid, azelaic acid, hyaluronic acid, bad too? No they aren’t, infact over the pandemic, most of us have learned to look for these ingredients in the products that we use!

Also, did you know that naturally extracted herbs do consist of chemicals as well which works out for specific concerns, moreover they aren’t as potent as chemically formulated bonds would be. For example, the most trending ingredient these days, Vitamin C extracted from kakadu plum or lemons is not as effective as Vitamin C formulated as ascorbic acid in the lab. Furthermore naturally derived versions of these ingredients can contain microbial impurities that cause infection! If that isn’t the case you’ll definitely find a heavy dose of preservatives to keep them at bay! The chemicals natural beauty supporters run from like the plague. Thus, we at TYPE believe in bursting beauty myths like these,we’re here to tell you that, CHEMICALS ARE GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN!

We do love beauty that is genius in its formulations, but we also do support the ethical formulations that aim to deliver more with the right proportions of chemicals. Type Beauty loves your skin and formulates the products that are unadulterated, doesn’t have ingredients poured in that are unsafe, unhealthy or controversial, because your skin definitely isn’t a couch for unhealthy zits to gossip on! 

Growing awareness amongst beauty enthusiasts has led us to become extremely cautious of the products that we put on our skin, this means that  more than ever the minimalist approach needs to be used while formulating products. We, being ambassadors of “beauty that heals”, have curated the most interesting products that are just made to fit your SKIN-TYPE!

A formula that currently everyone  is crushing over! Concealers that are customized to sit beautifully on your skin, infused with right amalgamation of skincare heroes like salicylic acid, peptides, caffeine and lots more to give you a temporary fix with a lasting impact that makes your skin look outstanding!

This is the time to pledge that we will look out for our skin, don’t believe everything you hear, do your own research! Reach for clean beauty not this greenwashed amalgam natural beauty propogatoers have created. Promise yourselves that from today you’ll put on makeup that is mindful and skincare that is impactful!

And of course, try Type beause its the best of both!