That flawless beauty canvas always catches the eye, and yet people always ask about how your skin quality has improved? And nobody asks what foundation you’re using!? Choosing a perfect shade and formula is a battle in itself, but once you win that, nothing can stop you from having a canvas nearly as perfect as a paris filter on the gram!

Type Beauty has come up with a serum foundation formula that literally will make your skin swoon, infused with SPF 50 and skincare ingredients that specifically target your skin concerns while making you look gorgeous as ever. 

Below are ways to  nail your base:

Prime it goddess!

First things first, from amateurs to pros needs to answer the question is whether to prime the skin or not? If you’ve been regular with your “fits-perfect”skincare routine, and your skin is super hydrated, we may actually skip the priming step altogether. Always remember, as they say “LESS IS MORE”, live by that when creating  a base that’s glowy’AF prime with as less product as possible and apply when necessary.

Moisturize it to finesse!

O’mighty moisture, clearly having a clean and well moisturized skin is a no brainer. Provided, you use a moisture that’s literally suited best for your skin type. Moisturization is the key to having a glowy base, your skin produces a certain amount of sebum and over the years the levels go down and eventually heavy moisturizers come into play. Our foundations are in the serum texture and hence imparts that luminosity that your skin seeks to look like a glow goddess, literally!

Strobe it baby!

Having a glowy skin is great, but duh, not everyone has it! Thus, highlighting the high points of the face can accentuate the entire look of the face altogether. Mixing a little strobe cream with foundation can sensibly give you the base of your dreams. Don’t go over the board with either of the products, take a little amount as necessary and blend it well into the skin as though it gives a second skin feel.

These are some of the ways via which you can ace your base!