There has been a lot of buzz around the word “SKINMILISM”, and a storm has taken over the beauty industry but what does that really mean? Pinterest defined the term as the “new effortlessly chic routine that’s simple and sustainable.” well, if this doesn’t pique your interest, we don’t know what will? 

Everyone seemingly doesn’t have much time in their beauty regime to do like a ten-step skincare routine and then start with make-up, people these days want to escalate each of their tasks and enjoy the products that deliver more in a lesser span of time. 

Skinmilism follows a similar approach where employment of a multifaceted product is appreciated and its effects are highlighted. 

Gone are the days, when people used to layer their faces until their skin looked like a pile of white chocolate pancakes. Now, more than ever people are aware of what their skin needs, acceptance of one’s flaws and embracing your own skin is what beauty is all about! Skinmilism takes a route that makes your skin shine through whilst your skin gets that perfect natural coverage with skincare infused make-up!

This essentially, reduces the over usage of multiple conflicting products on your skin, and minuses the hassle of following a busy beauty regime,and what’s more it's also pocket friendly, it's a win-win!

By absolutely no means, does the concept of skinmilism say you can’t play with your colored liners or do a glittery eye, it just entails the fact that you should let your skin glow from within, and ditch your heavy skin bases. 

By following a “less is more” approach many around the world have started using make-up that’s infused with skincare, for its wholesome benefits, and taking their shot at the same Type has mindfully constructed Its products. Type is backed by science, customized as per your skin type, infused with skincare actives! If that wasn’t enough it gives that perfect sheer to medium dewy coverage, that doesn’t let your skin look overly made up! Its anti-creasing formulas ensure that the product sits well on the skin just giving it that enhancement you need! It also backs down on your hassle of doing pre-makeup skincare as these products do the job for you!

So, Type is riding on a tide following a Skinmilistic beauty regime, that’s sustainable and clean, are you?