No girl would ever say, she has enough make-up! Clearly, there’s no end to its purchase! Conventional beauty is a talk of the past, and now we see a ginormous number of people indulging in make-up and its universe, going all out with experimenting with their looks!

Now, every artist needs a canvas to draw and for make-up, our skin does that job! Our skin is dynamic and of course, make-up products aren’t tailored as per individual skin types and thus we battle skin issues. But, just like our life, in general, has ups and downs, our skin has it too. At times, it’s way oilier and or maybe drier than a desert. But, makeup doesn't knot itself well with our skin, right? It's always one thing that stays adamant and sturdy to its nature and isn’t customized as per your skin type! But, slathering your skin with a tube full of parabens, silicones, and chemicals isn’t a great idea! Your skin is mighty and doesn’t deserve a plate full of skinfood like this for sure!

But, what if make-up products come with the essence of skincare infused within their formulas? Well, if such formulas came in, we’ll definitely wash the memory of doing a multi-step skin care regime before make-up application! We’re all swooning over, Natural, Clean and science-backed beauty is the new tide taking us by storm and is the future of beauty for sure!  

We all love anything that is tailor-made as per our needs and specifications and TYPE has rightly knotted dermatological science with colors and has bolstered a range of make-up that suits your SKIN TYPE!

A power-packed formula has been cracked by Ananya- Founder (Type Beauty Inc), that not just conceals your skin beautifully, but rather heals it from within! The best chunk is, that it is customized as per your skin type and does the job of skincare! She managed to create a make-up sword that has two ends, minus the hassle of doing extra skincare as she believes anything that makes you look your best doesn’t have to damage your skin-soul!

Following is the ingredient-bible that she holistically wrote for us to experience the best make-up!

Eye-Light Concealer: A feather-like formula that gives a subtle coverage, whilst tackling your skin-aging issues rightly. Infused with peptides, caffeine, marula oil, hyaluronic acid, and a handful stir of creatively blending the formula. These ingredients bring back the lost life into your skin, as it de-puffs, upscales the collagen levels, hydrate, and plump the skin whilst giving flawless coverage to your skin.

Get-Even Concealer: A lightweight skin recipe that sinks into your skin to stow away dark spots and blemishes, while going past the surface to lower the levels of pigmentation and dullness. Imbued with the complex mix of Niacinamide, Vitamin C, and Bakuchoil, it goes past treating hyperpigmentation and strengthens the skin from within, reversing skin indications of aging, and fixing the skin for real.

Zit-Quit Concealer: The name itself suggests its USP, and quite literally it's true to its name! A flimsy formula, that conceals your imperfections and quits away the zits soberly. The formula is charged with Salicyclic acid, green tea extract, and a bunch of potent heads creativity that just does the job for your acne-prone skin with a glide of beautifully concealing your skin on the surface so that you look your best self while the product does its job for your skin-soul.

Type Beauty has been true to its ethos while formulating science-backed skin-beautifying formulas, that are just made for your skin TYPE.