If there’s one product that we can’t let go of, then that’s definitely a “concealer”. Hands down, this one multi-tasker is a holy grail, and for all the right reasons! Now that, we’re all obsessing over the trend of, less is more, ditching heavy face bases and opting for just concealer as your base has taken the game all the way up and faces have started to look less like layered cheesecake.

This product, “Concealer” can definitely be put to more use than its definition of concealing facial imperfections and we have a list of hacks, just for you!

  1. Use it as an eye primer

Want your eyes do the talking? Then, priming your eyes is definitely the right gig to go for. It will make your eyes appear more awake and will make your makeup sit on beautifully. But hey, you don’t have to buy an eye primer separately when you can have your concealer do the job. Apply a little concealer over your eyelids before putting on your eyeshadow and you’ll see the difference, how beautifully the pigment pays off and blends into the skin. Also, we suggest using Eye Light Concealer as it’s infused with caffeine and peptides, which won’t only conceal under and over your eyes but would do its magic of de-puffing tired eyes as well.

  1. Conceal to style your brows

Want’em brows to be prim & proper? Define them right with a concealer. Line along the edges on of your brows and blend in well with a concealer brush or a sponge so that it merges with skin beautifully and accentuates the shape of your brows, making them stand out.

  1. Zit spot corrector

Zits can be annoying at times and they’re no less than an uninvited guest at your place. Well, your concealer can do the job of a zit corrector as well. Mix a little green eye shadow or pigment with your concealer until the desired texture is achieved and voila, your green color corrector is in place. Blend that on your stubborn spots and you’re good to go. Also, we suggest using zit quit concealer, as it's infused with 2% salicylic acid, which helps with quitting your zits and re-texturizes your skin.

  1. Sculpt and lift

Got a darker shade of concealer and now don’t know what to do with it? Well, we got you covered with this hack, as you can use your dark-shaded concealer as a contour and can sculpt your face as you desire. Agree or not, we all love a facelift!

These are a few hacks that one can try and get rid of a bulk of products that just don’t add to your space in your vanity but also saves you a pocket. 

Lastly, Make the right choice when it comes to choosing your concealer and bless your skin with the miracle of customized make-up with Type beauty’s concealers, as it’s just made for you and your skin-TYPE.