Beauty isn’t a standard to match, but an emotion to feel within. Whereas in many cases, people relate beauty to something wherein they need to attain a certain look achieved by someone, they desire in terms of beauty! Certainly, there’re an ample number of beautiful humans out there, but little down the line we do not realize that we’re one of them.

Truly, the power of make-up is like a knight in shining armor, and we surely love it to the core. But as everything comes at a price, we all  pay a certain something to look our level best. Harsh make-up products are responsible in place for damaging your skin, isn’t that something we all hate about make-up! Now, When customization is an option in every possible niche, be it fashion or food, then why can’t beauty step in?

We all  become Sherlock Holmes when it comes to exploring Beauty as a niche! Now when formulists and beauty-ruled minds have clapped their hands together, they’ve mindfully cracked the formula that can be a fit for each one of you, as per your “TYPE”.

We all have different skin types, and skin concerns, which vary for each one of us. But, when derma- science steps in, there's nothing that can’t be formulated that’s unique and fits our derma requirements the best. Leveraging the knowledge shared by dermatologists, results oriented ingredients, innovation poured in by creative heads have cracked what it takes to make a product that is customisable as per each individuals skin yet equally effective to fulfill their skincare and make-up hunger at once! 

Definitely, Type is one stop for you to embark your journey of holistic make-up infused with skin-lifting ingredients. We’re everything that your skin will love and your past make-up staples would hate! Type Beauty has its ethos driving from the fact, anything that makes and lets you feel good about yourself shouldn’t be damaging and harsh on your mighty skin cells. 

Not to miss, there’s a lot of noise around the term “clean-beauty”, and we being a flag bearer of the same have incorporated this term in our formulas, it tends to make your skin speak for itself yet makes the heads turn with the kind  of after effects it leaves behind. Type Beauty, recognized the gap the beauty industry was undergoing and took the charge of changing the scenario three sixty degrees. There was a world full of beauty products that said, it’s clean and is for all skin types yet it failed to deliver the results that we all hoped for. To solve the dual purpose you re-inventing the skin from within yet making it look its optimum best on the surface is what Type and its team has mastered and is soon going to stage its spectacular and heads turning range of products to the world!

Type Beauty is everything you need for your “skin-TYPE”.