'Vegan' and 'Cruelty-free' are the new buzzwords in every business, particularly in skin care and cosmetic products.

Companies are coming out strong to say that they are both vegan and cruelty free, but what exactly does that mean?

A Vegan product is one whose ingredients do not contain animal components, byproducts or any animal derived product. This includes things from animal meat to animal derived products such as honey and milk.

Using vegan products helps to stop the deforestation, soil degradation, and greenhouse gas emissions associated with meat production, thus helping to slow climate change and secure our global food supply. At Type we believe in a more sustainable future, as a result we ensure that all of our products are vegan.

A cruelty free product is one that is not tested on animals. That means no bunnies or puppies have been harmed to test the safety of the products. Safety is tested in a lab on artificially cultivated skin cells or directly on humans. In fact at Type we have all our products Dermatologist tested without harming our beloved furry friends!

Unlike a majority of other brands these certifications aren’t just words to us. We believe in taking care of our planet and our future. We believe in creating products that are formulated to take care of YOU and the subjects YOU CARE about!

So, Go ahead and put it in your cart right now!!