Genz has a fad of trying everything new and when it comes to beauty, they just can’t resist new brands, products, launches, and trying every possible trend they can. However, trying new trends can host a hole in your pockets, and ugh we’re so not ready for it! But, don’t worry, these type products are perfect dupes of cult beauty favorites and are loved by the masses!

  1. Concealers

OGs remain the OGs, our concealers were a hit as soon as they arrived in the market however, after a lot of compliments, evaluations, and comparisons later most of you called it a dupe for rare beauty ones. And ofc we were on cloud 9! Consistency with unbeaten skincare infused, it just doesn’t conceal, it heals indeed! We’ve three variants available in it, i.e Get Even (for dark spots & pigmentation), Eye Light, (for dark circles & under-eye concerns) & Zit Quit (For acne & zits). Also, it retails for INR 999, which is more than half the price of rare beauty ones.

  1. Matte up Primer

There’s no fine base without a good primer, admit it or not! Our matte primer is approved by beauty gurus, has been featured in beauty media, and has been a massive hit amongst makeup artists, because they too want their clients to have the best, and what better than having a good base that lasts them hours? Our Matte Up primer is a dupe of Smashbox’s photo finish primer which retails for INR 1550, whereas Type’s Matte Up primer retails for INR 1150.

  1. Eye shadow sticks

You didn’t know, you probably can nail an eye look possibly as good as your favorite MUA or even better with these sticks. With an oh-so-stunning, edgy face, it works wondrously to mark a fine eyeliner, smudge it over the eyelid for the perfect pop of color, or to create dramatic cut-crease looks. They pose for an exact dupe for laura mercier shadow stix which aren’t available in India for retail purposes, however, we’ve got you covered with these sticks, which are versatile and affordable too. It retails for INR 1050. 

  1. Lipstick

Every girl’s first encounter with makeup probably has been lipstick! And, for the majority, it is a favorite makeup product too! We’ve got you covered here with the world’s first Anti-pigmentation lipstick, Light Up, which is a hydrating soft matter lipstick, in the shade obsession and influencer being exact dupes of Smashbox's driver seat &  gulabae. Not just that it’s powered by scientifically proven skincare ingredients to overcome your dark lips and pigmentation concerns. Retailing for INR 999, it’s an affordable option to try on!

Try out these dupes, and we promise you’ll not regret buying them and also will save your pockets from the cash burn!