Nothing changes your look, better than a perfect pout that suits you the best! Every makeup maniac had their first encounter with makeup with a lipstick! We created an oh-so-drool-worthy formula, that reverses pigmentation effectively! Not just that it's the first anti-pigmentation lipstick in the world. But, we don’t stop here, for the lips as dry as a desert we have a hydrating version too, soak it!

Not to burn your pockets, we’ve got the dupes you can don around with!

  1. CEO

Evey girl is a CEO, when it comes to acing her makeup the best. And, we all know you can’t have your makeup complete until you have that perfect pout in place! Type Beauty’s CEO is a perfect dupe for ysl’s reverse red which retails around INR 4500 and our’s is just INR 999. And, hello nothing boosts your confidence better than a red lip!

  1. Workaholic

Name so good, that you’re bound to be convinced for this one! With the right applique of that subtle yet flattering brown, you’ll definitely ace that brown lip. Our workaholic is a perfect dupe for Charlotte Tilbury birkin brown, which retails for INR 3150. Ugh, our pockets have never hurt this much before! An absolutely stunning brown to run everyday errands!

  1. Obsession

This reminds us of the song, pillow talk! Did you guess? An oh-so-favorite of everyone, a makeup vanity staple, yes its charlotte tilbury pillow talk! This one is so good but, almost leaves us with no money for other makeup products to be bought, as it retails for INR 3150, ugh! But, yet again infused with skincare and backed by science we got you covered with our shade “Obsession” which is a true copy of Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk matte lipstick and this shade needs no introduction of how lip-flattering it is. Also, it’s priced at more than half the price, INR 999!

  1. Influencer

Oh, come on how could we resist bringing out the influencer in you? In our heads, we’re all influencers, talking to our imaginary audience while doing our makeup! This is a type beauty exclusive shade of pink to flatter all Indian skin tones so perfectly that it enhances your lips and brings out the most perfect pink for your lips. Retailing for INR 999, comes in two variants soak it and light up to resolve your concerns the best whilst making your pink highlight!

  1. Self-made

This title reminds us of our “independent girl era”, seriously a shade that has been one of our most loved ones! A color to go around with every outfit you do, because nobody can go wrong with a nude shade! This is an exact dupe of Kylie Cosmetics Ginger. Which retails for INR 1650, and you get the exact shade with a healing formula with Self-made for INR 999.

  1. Dirty Mama

Hello Mama, are you dirty enough? JK, this one legit ignites that Mama in you! Mac’s taupe is one of their most loved shades, burning your pockets at INR 1950. Sad, we know that! But its a perfect brown for everyday use, and something that flatters Indian tones amazingly. We got you covered with our Dirty Mama which is a true copy and retails for INR 999.

  1. Socialite

Drama and tea is every socialite’s diet, agree? And to add more spice perfectly painted lips makes it even more interesting. Hence, our socialite, a pink for you to add that glam while you spill the tea sis! A perfect dupe of everyone’s unsaid favorite Mac’s Mehr, which costs INR 1950, and makes a hole in your pocket! And type saves you half with retailing Socialite for INR 999. So, are you ready to spill the tea with a perfect pink pout sis?

All our lipsticks currently are retailing for INR 650, as our back-to-school sale is going on! So without further do visit order your lipsticks and save on a few more bucks!