Choose the perfect foundation color!

Why am I shining like a bright bulb?

Why are the colors on my face and neck so dissimilar?

My my, this makeup is making me appear so dark!

Everything was good when I applied my makeup, so why is it making me appear so dull now?

"How can I figure out what color my skin is?"

All these questions stem from just one problem!

We know there is no one-size-fits-all foundation available on this planet, and that's why it is just as vital to know how to pick the correct foundation as it is to know how to apply it. Here are our 5 go-to pieces of advice for picking the best foundation color for you.

1) Identify Your Skin Tone

We know skin tone refers to the relative melanin content in your skin, This often changes based on sun exposure, roughly identifying this is the first step is to identify your skin tone!

Skin tones are categorized into three groups: light, medium, and deep.

Let's make this interesting! Are you an epicurean? well, we definitely are! Like what better than foodstuffs to make the process mouth watering!

So, Imagine you're in the Lalala land where, Light skin tones look somewhat like a, White chocolate frappuccino, and of course Almond milk. Medium tone features Peanut Butter Punch, Baileys, and Banana honey smoothie.

Yum yummm! Last but not least "dark" can have Espresso, Cocoa, or Mocha!!

It’s super easy to categorize your skin tone when you look at it as something you see everyday!! (Or maybe on cheat days, We promise we won't tell!)

The next step in this journey is to determine the skins undertone. One skin tone can be segregated by undertone into warm, cool and neutral, these subtle variations can be the difference between a perfect match and disaster. Lets look at our top tips for determining this factor. 

2) The Silver/Gold Standard

You may verify your undertone in a variety of methods, including positioning a white sheet of paper near your face or opting for the silver-gold test. If silver looks better on you than gold, you most likely have chilly undertones. If you have warm skin tones, gold will probably appear better on you—useful knowledge when shopping for jewelry!

3) Examine Your Veins

Examine the look of your veins under your skin in natural light.

You have a cool skin tone if your veins appear blue or purple.

You have a warm skin tone if your veins seem green or greenish-blue. If you can't decide if your veins are green or blue, your skin tone is probably neutral. 

4) Finally, Lighting is essential when it comes to taking the ideal photograph. After swatching, avoid the artificial lighting in-store and go outdoors to examine how the pigments look in natural light. If you wear too little makeup, you will seem ashy or as if you have a grey tint on your skin. If the product is excessively dark, it might make your skin appear muddy. Look for the color that blends in the best with your skin tone.

5) Testing

When you know your skin tone and undertone, your quest for the perfect foundation shade becomes much easier.

Begin by making a list of three shades that appear to be a better match. Then, dab some of each hue on your jawline in small lines. When making a final selection, consider not only your face and also your neck. The foundation you chose should be able to blend in both with your face and neck.

The foundation you choose may make or break your look. With so many different shades, finishes, formulations, and coverage levels to choose from, it's no wonder that choosing the right foundation is one of the goofiest aspects of cosmetic shopping. The foundation will always be the star component in your makeup kit, regardless of whether your skin is oily or dry, or if your skin tone is pale or dark. We hope the following suggestions help you understand how to pick a foundation and turn you into an expert in no time!