In a world bustling with consumer choices, it's often a challenge to strike the right balance between price and quality. Whether you're a budget-conscious shopper or someone seeking premium experiences, making purchases that align with your needs and preferences is an art. And, when it comes to beauty buying you’re left with nothing but too many choices and not much money to spend, because we all know beauty splurge is for real!  

We at type get you and your beauty emotions, and hence we’ve launched something that you can’t get enough of! 

We’re giving you a chance to try on our skincare infused makeup babies on purchases over a certain amount.

If you shop for INR 999, you get a free sample as per your choice and skin type, for INR 1499 you get to choose 2 products, for INR1999 you get to choose 3 products, for INR 2499 you get to choose 4 products and for INR 2999 you get 5 products! Isn’t that insane? You actually pay for just a few products and you get a lot of it for free, brb screaming!

Keeping in mind, the consumer needs and their will to try before they buy this is an initiative on Type’s end for our customers to get to try the product first before indulging themselves in a massive order. Our makeup babies are nurtured mindfully considering all our skin is unique. It’s individuality should be celebrated, hence our makeup is made to fit your skin type, corrects your skin concerns and makes it look gorgeous on outside.

We want you to see the quality of our product so you can find a place where your needs, aspirations, and budget converge. 

Shop your hearts out at and get your hands on the best of beauty products out there.